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Hypno Gastric Band therapy for weight loss

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The Hypno Gastric Band (HGB) is a completely safe and permanent solutions to weight loss.

Essentially the HGB is a virtual gastric band, which is placed deep in your subconscious mind, resulting in a change of feelings in how much food your body can consume. You will feel fuller sooner, and experience all the benefits that you would expect from the real gastric band treatment, but without the danger that is involved.

Here at Magnosis, we are one of the few registered hypnotherapists providing the original Dr Rockets Hypno Gastric Band. Mr. John Richardson is considered a high authority on the subject of the Hypno Gastric Band, and his unique methods are now available in the Cheshire and Manchester Areas of the UK, at Magnosis.

The procedure is often called the Gastric Mind Band, and it creates the illusion of going through the whole operation from start to finish under hypnotherapy, resulting in the subconscious mind believing a gastric band has been fitted.  The subconscious mind is like a computer, and it obeys everything it is told, unlike the conscious mind which is always referring to the subconscious for help, i.e. with past experiences.

The Hypno Gastric Band procedure has been implemented all over the world, with amazing results, and all our practitioners have a vast amount of experience in this field.

Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Manchester

We understand exactly how hard it must be for someone who really wants to lose weight, to make the decision which hypnosis based therapy to choose.  With the inundation of therapists all over the internet, some good, and some perhaps not so good.  The Hypno Gastric Band has taken many names such as the Virtual Gastric Band, Hypnotic Gastric Band, to name a couple.  The variation in cost from therapist to therapist can also be confusing to the unsuspecting public, as they view one site after another, each seeming to offer the same result.

After our procedure which is usually spread over 2 hypnotic sessions, you are not simply left on your own.  From this point onwards we are here permanently for support, also after completing the sessions, you will be left with all the necessary information, along with a recording of hypnotic suggestions to help you continue forward with the necessary motivation and skills required.

Anybody considering the Hypno Gastric Band MUST take this extremely seriously, as after all, you make the change in the long run, so we advise you to only contact us only when you are 100% ready to move forward and committed to making positive changes.

The advantages of the Hypno Gastric Band over surgery are endless and also at a fraction of the cost. An operation for a Gastric Band can range from 3,500.00 upwards and still no guarantees can be given. There are no side effects as hypnosis is a very natural and safe procedure and all surgical risks are eliminated.

To book your Hypno Gastric Band therapy please contact us via the methods at:  View Here.


The hypno gastric band was certainly an unusual proceedure.  The feeling of hypnosis was incredible, as I just felt myself drifting away.  I remember everything, and the whole session felt like only 10 minutes even though it lasted just under an hour.  More importantly, the weight, is falling off nicely.  I am more aware of my foods, and now take enjoyment from eating healthier, which is something I never would have done before!

Christine Worsley – The Wirral

I really felt looked after when I visited Magnosis. James really puts you at ease, and explained everything that was going to happen, and it did!  I wasn’t sure what to believe, but I knew hypnosis was worth a try to help me with my snacking.  It must have worked, because I have now lost over 3 stone in 8 months, and feel great.

Laura Harding – Cheshire

After receiving treatment from Magnosis, my weight has stayed constant whatever I ate.  My appetite was less, and I really felt it has opened up a new door in my life.

Jane Peterson – Cheshire

I started off 24 Stone.  Now with the help of Magnosis, and my own dedication, I have gotten down to 18 Stone, and the weight is still dropping off.  I couldn’t be more motivated.

Jonathan Wright – Cheshire

After trying all of the methods out there, including Slimming World, I felt the answer lied within hypnosis.  Although the others worked fairly well, I struggled through temptation, which is why i’m so happy I visited Magnosis.

Emma Riggs – Cheshire