Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Manchester Magnosis HypnosisSmoking nowadays is classed as Anti-Social and not 100% socially acceptable. These are however not the main reasons you should be considering to quit smoking. Smoking is harmful in many ways, and can have life long repercussions. Use hypnotherapy to tap into you subconscious mind which helps and allows you to quite smoking quickly and efficiently. Side effects can be greatly reduced through hypnotherapy, and after an initial consultation and therapy session we would also address any other issues around the smoking that you may be afraid of, giving you TOTAL piece of mind.

How many sessions does it require to stop smoking? The answer is… Everyone is different. Most people WILL stop after just one session, but we do recommend a group of 3 sessions which will make giving up a lot easier. When you stop smoking, the lack of nicotine can sometimes cause stress, desire to eat, and cause many more side-effects to occur. By having further sessions it makes sure you quit the way YOU want to… Without the side-effects!

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Hypnosis Magnosis James Anthony ManchesterUse hypnotherapy to lose weight quickly and safely. Hypnotherapy can use used to make your body feel full sooner, and reduce the desire or feeling that you have to finish everything on the plate. Also hypnotherapy can be used

to change your feelings and desires for specific foods, helping you to eat healthier and to get the body that you desire and deserve.

Do you offer the Hypno Gastric Band? The answer is YES we do. We have performed many of these procedures with a massive success rate. Gastric Band surgery is performed using keyhole surgery, allowing a small band (the size of a wrist watch) to be fitted to the upper part of the stomach, creating a little pouch, and reducing the size of the stomach, which in-turn reduces the amount of food that you can eat. You therefore reduce the calories intake, and lose weight.

The Hypno Gastric Band creates the illusion in your mind of the gastric band being fitted. The whole operation is ran through from start to finish through a hypnotic induction, but because it is hypnosis, there are NO RISKS whatsoever. Once your subconscious mind has been run through the procedure, you will quite simply automatically start losing weight. After the treatment you will feel full sooner, due to your stomach telling your brain it is smaller and requires less to become full. Because of this you then eat less, and thus lose weight in a safe and controlled manner. The Hypno Gastric Band is delivered over a series of session to reinforce the sugges

tions in your subconscious mind, and for subliminally tightening the band.

Phobias and Fears

Fears and Phobias fear of flying spiders heights flyingHypnotherapy for phobias and fears is extremely effective. Our brains are learning machines, and over the years the mind learns various behaviors which allows us to progress faster in the world around us. Take for example, if you went up to a door, and had to work out how it opened every time, it would make life incredibly hard. The mind has learned how one handle works, and then makes assumptions for all the future doors that you open. This is a good thing, but occasionally the mind does make assumptions that are not correct, or it also links two completely different situations together into one feeling.

A few weeks ago I removed a fear of flying for a patient. It turned out the fear had manifested itself from the very first time they flew, and during the journey they read a book which resulted in a very touching ending with various murders and deaths. From this point onwards the emotions felt from the book were associated in the mind with the flying experience, and ever since they were terrified of flying.

If the brain can learn a behavior, it can also un-learn a behavior. By using hypnotherapy and hypnotic techniques, we tap into the subconscious mind, thus removing unnecessary associations and emotions with events or problems. These changes are then permanent, thus removing any fears or phobias that we address in a completely safe environment.

Stress & Anxiety Removal

Stress and Anxiety Removal hypnotherapy hypnosisStress is a vicious circle, that will feel as though it’s eating away at you, until however the CIRCLE IS BROKEN. Hypnosis can be used to reduce stress immediately, and can give long term results. With our Stress Buster hypnotherapy programme, we tackle the issue head on, thus breaking the circle, and we leave you feeling like you can move forward actively and creatively. We deal with every client on a per-person consultation, and then prescribe honestly how many sessions we feel would be required for optimal stress removal. Hypnosis feels amazing, and due to it’s relaxing nature, it is perfect for tackling stress head on.

Relaxation Hypnotherapy

Relaxation hypnotherapy at Magnosis hypnotherapyEverybody needs to relax, or learn how to relax. It allows you to be productive and reach your full potential in life. By tapping into your subconscious you can learn how to manage yourself more effectively, using relaxation techniques. Hypnosis feels great, and that great feeling can last for as long as you wish! All of our relaxation hypnotherapy sessions include free guides to self-hypnosis which we teach you how to use, allowing you to reach this feeling of hypnosis even after your session with one of our practitioners.


Insomnia hypnotherapy hypnosis magnosisHypnotherapy has been proved to help dramatically with re-programming the mind, and is an ideal aid in combating insomnia permanently. With just a little hypnotherapy, you will sleep so much better, as your sleeping patterns will be altered allowing you to fall asleep quickly and easily. You can also use hypnotherapy to combat other areas that may be causing insomnia i.e. a snoring partner, or being unable to sleep with lights on etc. Hypnotherapy can be used in so many ways, limited only by your imagination.

Sports and Motivation

Sports Motivation Hypnotherapy hypnosis servicesDo you wish to obtain an unfair advantage in the sport you play? Or perhaps you need to feel more motivation to carry out every day tedious tasks? Again hypnotherapy can dramatically improve your motivation towards tasks such as: sports, public speaking & meeting the in-laws! By using mind-techniques it is possible to change your emotions that are attached with activities, and once changed for the better, there is no limit to your potential.

Quantum Pain Therapy

Pain Therapy Hypnotherapy hypnosis pain removal

Quantum Pain Therapy is a highly advanced hypnotherapy technique only known by a few hypnotherapists throughout the world. Our technique has been uniquely designed through years of practice by David Knight, and the British Academy of Hypnosis. Pain effects millions of people every day, but many do not realize that it can also effect their families, partner, and friends around them.

Our mind holds memories of pain, and sometimes those memories need not be there, such as arthritis or cancer. For instance, after an accident you might experience excruciating pain. Over time the wound heals, but the pain can often come back or remain, and the reality is, there is no more need for that pain, and thus can be removed safely.

Chronic pain is REAL, but can often be removed with the use of Quantum Pain Therapy and hypnotic techniques.

“My 8 year old daughter was in incredible pain with tooth ache and within minutes of receiving Quantum Pain Therapy over the phone her pain had gone and she was pain free right up to the dentist removing her tooth. I have seen the results of Quantum Pain Therapy many times and the results are truly amazing!”

Mrs H. Rickaby – County Durham (Pain level after treatment 0/10)

Pain is obviously there for a reason, and we always suggest you go as far as you can through regular practices like doctors in-case there is a deeper problem. If there is a problem that cannot be fixed, or you are diagnosed fit, you can use Quantum Pain Therapy to quickly and permanently remove that pain.

Other Areas Hypnotherapy can Help With

  • Weight Control
  • Stop Smoking
  • Relaxation
  • Quantum Pain Therapy
  • Stress Control
  • Destroying Diseases
  • Energy Boost
  • Breaking Addictions – Alcohol etc.
  • Confidence Building
  • Focus
  • Sports Motivation
  • Music Motivation
  • Acheiving Goals
  • Biting Nails
  • And anything you can imagine!
  • Past Life Regression
  • Removing Negativity
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Controlling Diabetes
  • General Well being
  • Sales Development
  • Anxiety
  • Physical and Mental Changes
  • Creating Amnesia (Memory Loss)
  • Aneesthesia (Pain Relief)
  • Nightmares
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sleeping Problems
  • All Fears and Phobias
  • Memory Gain

Hypnosis is a way of talking directly to your subconcious, allowing changes to be made much quicker than with other alternative therapies. It’s quite simple really… What is placed into the subconcious mind is taken by the body as the correct way and is accepted without you realising.

your concious mind plays a part of roughly 15% of what you do, and the subconcious takes over the task. It’s a little like when you drive. Sometimes you think “I don’t even remember driving that part of the journey”. That is your subconcious mind taking over.

Why not try Hypnotherapy… You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

For any questions about hypnotherapy please visit our FAQ page by clicking here.