How To Feel Good Daily

How To Feel Good Daily with Hypnotherapy and James Anthony

Hi Everybody…  This will be my first entry in my new hypnotherapy blog.. and what better way to start than by teaching you techniques on how to feel good daily.

There are many techniques that can be utilised to help you feel better. The best advice is to learn how you think.  Really delve into the inner most parts of your mind and get to know yourself and if you are feeling bad ask yourself why?

Usually the reason anybody is feeling bad is either physical (flu etc), or because they are concentrating on negative or memories that make them feel that way.  Rather than concentrating on memories that yield a negative feeling, you must learn to recognise when you are doing this, and MAKE CHANGES!

I’m sure I know what you are thinking… “Easier said than done”.. right?

WRONG!  Without doubt it can be a challenge, but if you want to live a happy life without dwelling on bad thoughts you can teach yourself.


Here is an exercise.

1st Step.

In a moment close your eyes, and allow a really.. REALLY GOOD memory to come flooding back.  It could be a great memory from the past, or a time you felt on top of the world!  Imagine this memory in full colour and make it as sharp and large as possible in your minds eye as if you are actually there.  The larger you make this image and the more vividly you see the image, the more the wonderful feelings you will feel.  Allow all these good memories and feelings to come flooding back and the more you focus on this good time or event the stronger these memories will flow, allowing them to flow right from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Now imagine these feelings and images to grow larger than life.  Now tell me you don’t Feel Good while thinking about these good memories!?

2nd Step…

Take yourself back into this wonderful feeling by closing your eyes and imagining the time or event that makes you feel good, visualising them as instructed above. When you feel these wonderful feelings at their peak.. I want you to tightly squeeze your thumb and middle finger together and hold for a few seconds… then release.    Now allow your mind to move away from this thought for a moment, and then REPEAT the imagining process 3 TIMES with each time squeezing your thumb and middle finger together when you feel the good memories at their peak.

Now whenever you feel a bad thought or feeling enter your mind… just squeeze your thumb and middle finger together and allow the good memory to come flooding back and allow it to overwhelm the negative feeling.  You can use this anytime anywhere.  Also whenever you have a different GOOD feeling or something that excites you, again squeeze your fingers together.  Even when you are on a rollercoaster, squeeze your fingers together.  This compounds the anchor that you have set to when you squeeze your fingers together.  The more great feelings you add to this anchor, the better you will feel.  Also the more you use it and practice it, again the better the results and how you will react and feel.

Very soon your subconscious mind will have so many GREAT feelings attached to those fingers, you can use them as your secret weapon anytime you like!

It has been proven that what you think is linked to how you feel.. So simply.. if you think bad thoughts you will feel bad.  If you feel good thoughts then you will feel good and the interesting thing is… it’s impossible to feel bad while thinking good thoughts.

You need to learn to keep any bad thoughts out, and only let the good ones in!

Another tip would be.. Live for the HERE AND NOW NOW.  It’s best not to live your life through the past or the future, especially if the past brings about negative feelings…  LIVE IN THE PRESENT!

That’s it for my first blog entry.. please leave me any comments or ideas or even exercises you might use yourself to feel good and thanks for reading my blog.

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