A Little About Us…

Magnosis Hypnotherapy UK has been established for over 5 years, and can be located in Stockport, Manchester UK. You can easily arrange your hypnotherapy session, by visiting our clinic.  Home visits can be arranged at an extra charge.  James Anthony is a master hypnotherapist, having qualified by both Richard Bandler as a licensed practitioner of NLP, and the British Academy of Hypnosis. James Anthony looks forward to helping you move forward, to remove your limitations, and to help you live a wonderful life.  Having seen over 5000+ clients, you can be guaranteed a wonderful service and a hypnotist that is down to earth and who can recognise the areas of your behaviours in your subconscious mind that are letting you down and correct them on an unconscious level.

If you have any questions please simply get in touch… All enquiries are strictly confidential and we will only help if we truly feel we can.  You can contact us, or view our FAQ area here

Dr Rockets Hypno Gastric Band

This months FEATURED treatment is the Dr Rockets Hypno Gastric Band (the most effective hypno gastric band treatment available today).This procedure is completely safe and cuts out the dangers and price of real Gastric Band surgery! Includes 2 sessions, and future top-ups will only cost £35!

JUST £179


Quantum Pain Therapy

Are you in Pain and need INSTANT relief. For a limited time only we can offer our unique Quantum Pain Therapy over the phone for Emergency purposes. Simply call James Anthony:

Tel. 07400-905-456
Often pain is a memory and a warning system from a past injury. Any Chronic pain can easily be reduced or removed through our unique Quantum Pain system. If your in pain why not book a hypnotherapy session today.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Magnosis are specialists in stop smoking hypnotherapy, having performed 1000’s of SUCCESSFUL sessions on clients all over the world.

“It was a wonderful service from start to finish. I was treated highly professionally and can highly recommend the quality of hypnotherapy received. ”
Joanna Werry
“Ever since having my Hypno – Gastric Band fitted, I have felt wonderful. The hypnotic experience was superb and certainly better than I expected. I have since lost 2 and a half stone, six months down the line.”
Louis Donnad
“I bumped into James Anthony on holiday, and I mentioned my fear of going into the Sea below my knees. This apparently stemmed from when I was a little girl, and lots of fish came around me nibbling away. After just 10 minutes under hypnotherapy I thought nothing of it, until my next holiday a few weeks later, and I just entered the sea without even thinking twice. Thank you James. ”
Emma Flint